Movement was also on Jody Harrow’s mind. “I wanted something whimsical that would relate to the floor.”

- New York Times / Suzanne Slesin

Jody Harrow at Groundplans Ltd is always ahead of the curve….Her work is always site-specific and technology-savvy….Recently Groundplans has found other ways to dazzle us with its rugs.

- Judith Glass / Cover Magazine

Jody Harrow, a true artist when it comes to rug design was delighted to collaborate.

- In Your Space / Jenette Kahn

Come closer and feel the beach, where the rocks – ancient, gray, rounded by the sea – turn out be soft and wooly. Walk toward the window of the autumn leaves – and find they are not living ginkgo but sculpted carpeting. Here are cherry blossoms floating on the water; run your hand in deep wool pile.

- The Star Tribune / Karen Winegar

For some designers, the assignment is not to suit a particular room but to create a work of art in its own right-exactly the kind of challenge that tempts artists like New Yorker Jody Harrow to nudge the boundaries a little.

- Town & Country / Liz Seymour

One look at  Jody Harrow’s rug designs, and it’s hard to tell whether they are paintings, photographs, or the tufted works of art that they really are.

- Interiors / Marilyn Zelinsky

The works in the Groundplans collection overturn William Morris’s beliefs that only flat pattern was suitable for a floor carpet.

- Contemporary Rugs: Art + Design Christopher Farr