The works in the Groundplans collection overturn William Morris’s beliefs that only flat pattern was suitable for a floor carpet.

- Contemporary Rugs: Art + Design Christopher Farr

About Groundplans

At GROUNDPLANS we design for and with each of our clients. Whether catering to a child’s sense of play or to an adult aesthetic, our goal is to make something beautiful both to behold and to feel underfoot.

These have been Harrow’s objectives since her earliest days producing her first carpet collection, Groundplans – circa 1990. This eponymous collection was designed to bring the beauty of earth’s topography indoors. From there she expanded and experimented: weaving Fiber Optics and later Swarovski Crystal into carpets – one bead at a time.

Accepting private commissions from architects and designers on her home turf, the Big Apple, kept her busy. While her designer clients were reshaping the hospitality industry, home furnishings and corporate America, she was standing right beside them bringing unseen motifs to the floor. Keeping a low profile while introducing such luxurious textures as mohair carpets sans pattern, wool tufts on carpets from long hair sheep seasonally felted, hand carving and then felting abstract patterns into area rugs, or bringing to market squishy gel tiles for elevator cabs to make the ride fun.

When asked to oversee the production of a carpet for the W hotel in Seoul Korea 2004, instead of  using the architect’s 2 color Western influenced grid pattern, Harrow inspired them to bring something of the traditional, local culture to their bespoken carpet. Combing her library, she incorporated a traditional Korean flower motif to bring these boxed voids to life. While the designer team was at first skeptical, as the concept and design developed they too grew to love it…and so did the hotel occupants. What we were thinking of as a one off evolved into a Hospitality trend – instead of exporting our “look”, we brought the sights of the native culture onto to their home turf – literally. Locally, with a new build hotel on the Boston Commons, we inspired the architect to give a nod to the original Prison Motif.

GROUNDPLANS’ projects have been featured in museums, hotels and private residences around the globe, including the home of Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright and such venerable brands as Herman Miller, Time-Warner, Calvin Klein, Starwood and Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, as well as Tory Burch and Versace retail stores.


About Jo

After shaping a degree with a Fine Arts focus at NYU Gallatin Division ’79, then being called University Without Walls, Harrow’s development as a craftsperson was nurtured by a three year Stencil Dyeing apprenticeship with Keisuke Serizawa, National Living Treasure and a founding member of the Japanese Folk Craft (Mingei) movement.

Upon returning to the States, Harrow studied with and became a personal friend of Rudolph Schaeffer, founder of the California Arts and Crafts Movement. He along with Mr. Serizawa and later her dear friend Lenore Tawney shaped her belief that the handmade could be made for a wider audience to enjoy.

She started a hand silkscreen studio, PĒKA PRINTS, in S.F. to produce yardage for the home furnishings industry while teaching at Pacific Basin School of Textiles in Berkley, CA. Her first flooring collection followed with the eponymous name, GROUNDPLANS.

While teaching at Parsons School of Design and working on interior gut renovations, Harrow continued to build her boutique flooring business by creating carpets which would give the inhabitant a sense of place. Although she caters to the extravagant when embedding fiber optics or Swarovski crystals into her carpets – one bead at a time, she offers fresh ideas and innovative products, extending her scope to include her children’s rug line footprints, sparking a child’s imagination while stimulated their sense of play. She has stretched the boundaries of bespoken flat-woven, hand-tufted, felted rug and gel tile flooring – step on it and the colors move. Most recently her reach has come to encompass both wallpaper and RE-MIX: making light fixtures and jewelry from a business model using up-cycled found objects and material.

Harrow says her goal is not to make a sale but to develop a relationship with each client which mutually inspires and elevates. We welcome collaborative commissions: not only with area rugs but with interiors, lighting and jewelry as well.


About Eileen

When it comes to Eileen Le Guillou’s affinity for design, it is hard to differentiate between nature and nurture. Growing up alongside the GROUNDPLANS  company, she learned to speak the language of business development, client specifications, and sourcing details. From a young age she has been interested in color, image, symmetry and fashion.

Throughout high school and university Eileen balanced her math, computer science and engineering studies with after school and summer classes in painting, fashion and industrial design at Central Saint Martins as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology. Committed to applying her technical training to public service, Eileen worked as a project and product manager for IBM public sector consulting services for 4 years, leading large scale technology implementations.

Merging her management experience and love for design and function, Eileen joined the Groundplans company and Groundswell by Jo brand full time in 2018 to focus on growth and development of new offerings.